TRUSKO is a blend of Jazz, R&B, and Electronic Music. TRUSKO can be performed solo, duo, trio, and quartet. During a typical set expect to hear vocals, vocoders, solos, live looping, and synthesizers. Aesthetically the music is a blend between Thundercat, Hiatus Kaiyote, Bon Iver, and Taylor McFerrin.

The record features performances by many great musicians including Matt Young (drums), Evan Bornes (Vocals),  Nigel Newton (Vibraphone and Additional Keys), Skyler Hill (Guitars), Ben Gallegos (Drums), Jack Whitmil (Drums). Recent live performances have also included MonoNeon, Robert Sput Searight, Terence Hobdy (drums), and Anthony Plant (Guitar).

Trusko’s upcoming release First Light consists of both songs and instrumental music. The record includes layers of vocals, basses, synthesizers, rhodes, strings, and drums. Trusko’s music blends musical aesthetics including sample based electronic music, jazz, folk, and minimalist elements.

Recent Live Performances Include Harvest House, Independent Bar and Kitchen, and Dan’s Silverleaf. 

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