2013                          Before I Die... for voices and mixed ensemble. ca 14 minutes.                                             

           Fading to Static for voice and mixed ensemble. ca 5 minutes.

                                  Glimpse for orchestra. ca 2 minutes.

                                  Last Minute for jazz trio. ca. 10 minutes.  

                                  Day One for jazz trio. ca. 10 minutes.  

                                  Windshield for voice and ukulele. ca. 3 minutes.  

                                  Sedm. collaboration UNT The Bridge Ensemble. ca 10 minutes.


2012                         Living Room for alto saxophone, cello, and percussion. ca. 6 minutes.

                                  Room 206 and the Evenings After film score. ca. 30 minutes.

                                  1045 for flute and double bass. ca. 12 minutes.

                                  3 Haiku for satb choir. ca 6 minutes.

                                  Propane for mixed ensemble. ca 8 minutes.

                                  Avocado for mixed ensemble. ca. 10 minutes.

                                  Tumbalalaika commission for bass trombone and piano. ca. 14 minutes.

                                  >100. for ukulele, flute, cello, and dancers. ca. 10 minutes.


2011                          Hope for wind ensemble. ca. 3 minutes.

                                  Hear Ye Him! for wind septet. ca. 2 minutes.

                                  Echo for trombone quartet. ca. 7 minutes.

                                  Humbucker Prelude for solo electric bass. ca.  2 minutes.

                                  Listen! for mixed ensemble. ca. 3 minutes.

                                  Resonance for orchestra. ca. 9 minutes.

                                  Angela’s Heart for quintet and ableton live. ca. 10 minutes.

                                  Portrait of a Woman for flute and marimba. ca. 9 minutes.

                                  Macondo for string quartet. ca. 2 minutes.


2010                        Our Great Grandchildren’s Return for two marimbas and video. ca. 5 minutes.

                                  The Lyrebird for solo clarinet. ca. 4 minutes.


2009                       The Busy World for trio and video. ca. 3 minutes.